How we work

Previously unscripted voices make our
work come to life in every project we do.

Our diverse team is our strength. Throughout the years, by crossing the globe so many times we’ve lost count, we have developed a vast network of friends, collaborating partners and unique methods of working. There is no shortcut to tell a great story. We believe that you need to get involved, give, and truly engage yourself.

Rule #1,  we never stay in hotels. Ever. Our belief is that better relationships on the ground make for better stories and better video results.

We are a fullservice company that handles your production from start to finish – creative scriptwriting, production and post-production – all in house.

We make videos in a guerrilla manner. Our crew is extremely experienced at working in developing countries, under pressure, with translators, and a lean agile crew. Our equipment is state-of-the-art but light enough to move around fast.


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