Waynak began as a documentary series to change the narrative on the refugee ‘crisis’ by telling collaborative and inspiring stories of people working together across the world’s refugee, host, and volunteer populations. This series turned into a movement when it was implemented into the 30,000 strong volunteer community of MakeSense, a Paris-based social entrepreneur incubator. These stories served as the centrepiece for screenings, hackathons, hold-ups, all designed to facilitate collaboration and innovation in solving the most pressing issues in the refugee ‘crisis’. This movement addresses the key issues that stand in the way of so many potential change-makers. First, it uses these inspiring stories to change people’s understanding of this ‘crisis’ from one of hopelessness to one of opportunity. Then, more importantly, at that crucial moment of inspiration they find themselves in after watching these episodes, it shows them that taking action can come in many forms, and within their current life-structure. The barrier of entry to this ‘crisis’ is a house of cards built by sensationalist coverage. Waynak shatters this illusion and brings people together in what we call the migration ‘movement’. 

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Nessim Stevenson