Rizq: Food and Ingenuity

Rizq: Food and Ingenuity in Pakistan

The Social Innovation Lab is a Youth Economic Participation Initiative program in Pakistan providing a testing ground for entrepreneurs to take their university education to make an impact in people's lives. One example is Rizq, the initiative that aims to solve the problem of food wastage and hunger, by repurposing excess food from weddings, restaurants, or even homes to the needy.
The concept, which is relatively new in Pakistan, is run by a group of recent LUMS graduates, spearheaded by Huzaifa Ahmad, Musa Amir and Qasim. Rizq has two primary objectives: To decrease food wastage that is rampant in our society and second, to feed under nourished people particularly children. The inspiration for the initiative came from the trio’s mothers, especially Huzaifa’s. Rukhsana Izhar cooks for and serves food to hundreds of people at her house every day.


Nessim Stevenson