HeForShe - Champions

HeForShe in Iceland

The HeForShe campaign has had enormous success around the world. Spear-headed by UN Women, the campaign aims to address men as allies in the movement towards gender equality. The men in the four videos we produced for the campaign are all HeForShe champions, a title that recognises the awareness-building work they have done in their society and with other men. Their pledge of HeForShe, and the pledges of those around them, signify a dynamic shift in how the world is perceiving the equality movement. 

Of the thousands of stories HeForShe has access to around the world, we begin with these four in Malawi, Jordan, India and Iceland. Stories of men in traditionally female jobs, men organising public rallies to spread the movement, Chiefs changing the laws of their country to protect young girls, and men running discussion and awareness groups on how men can better support the women in their respective cultural environments. These videos are an insight into how small actions of a few people can change the lives of many.

HeForShe in India

HeForShe in Malawi

HeForShe in Jordan

Nessim Stevenson