Women’s Cooperatives

Moringa production in Guinea

A project with UN Fund for Gender Equality to highlight the successes within their women’s cooperative scheme in Lebanon and the Tristao Islands off the coast of Guinea, West Africa. 

In Lebanon we met with a bread cooperative that was bringing back a traditional and nutritious form of bread, as well as a group of female farmers utilising a traditional and sustainable approach to production in the Bekaa region of northern Lebanon. 
On the Tristao Islands off the coast of Guinea we stayed with and filmed a cooperative of moringa farmers. This drought resistant plant is now being heralded as a superfood, and grows in abundance on the islands. The women organise themselves to plant, harvest and process the moringa leaves for their own consumption as well as connecting with a local NGO to sell it in Guinea and abroad. 

For this project we filmed four videos, plus a teaser introduction, and produced a gallery of photographs of women at work, many of which you can see on the UN Women website.

Teaser: Introducing 4 UN Women shorts

The Menna Shop

Women’s Cooperatives in Guinea

The Hima Approach

Nessim Stevenson