Nasra Haji Hussain Ibrahim was a speaker in this year’s TEDx Mogadishu event. Not only was she one of the youngest speakers, but throughout her speech she managed to engage the crowd in her story in a way very few other speakers did. Her charisma, her charm, her confidence and her strength were dominent, it was impossible to leave without giving her the space to share her wisdom and her story with the world. 

We decided to take our GoPro360 gear and make a portrait of “Nasra - the first woman mechanic in Somalia”. 

Despite her being 18 years old and Somali woman having enough courage to step up and be the only provider for her family by choosing a job no other girl had taken in her country - it was a lot more than that story that drove us to film her - it was the wisdom that she so humbly carried with her, yet so confidently spread around everywhere she went, and the amount of love she had to offer to the people around her. A light being, spontaneous, playful, willful, wise and strong, with a voice that would leave people speechless. 

In the virtual reality portrait of hers, we experience the space where Nasra was working, while listening to her telling her story as well as sharing her thoughts and believes about the strength that every woman holds in her and the potential women have if they go for what they believe in. 

Some of her words: “It’s a job that other women wouldn’t consider, but I believe I have power, that i can cope with the world, that I can become whatever I want to be. You are what you believe of yourself. I am someone who can change the world.

Nasra’s film was showing in The VR Cinema in Amsterdam for 3 months in a row.

Get to know her better in this interview that OkayAfrica held with her here:

Nessim Stevenson