El Sistema

El Sistema is a publicly financed voluntary sector music education program in Venezuela, founded in 1975 by Venezuelan educator, musician and activist José Antonio Abreu which later adopted the motto Social Action for Music. To say it another way, it is "free classical music education that promotes human opportunity and development for impoverished children,”. El Sistema consisted of over 400 music centers and 700,000 young musicians.
The Sistema Europe Youth Orchestra (SEYO) consists of 190 young musicians between the ages of ten and twenty, as well as thirty music teachers from 27 countries that have adopted Sistema and Sistema-inspired programmes for “social action through music.”  In 2017, the SEYO will came to Athens for its annual summer camp, celebrating the ability of music to unite nations, religions, and cultures. 

We filmed two short documentaries for SEYO, funded by the HILTI foundation, about the week-long music camp, one in 360 and the other in 2D. 


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Nessim Stevenson