Who we are

Eight years ago What Took You So Long was a small group of young filmmakers who didn’t feel like the media was doing a great job of representing places as they really are. What we sought to do then, in making positive and beautiful videos of “unsung heroes and untold stories”, has transformed into a 14-filmmaker team that has gender parity and diversity of 9 languages, and multiple cultures, experiences and skillsets. 

What makes us unique is that we believe in what we do and we do not compromise on the values that drew us together in the first place. When we do things in a way that we believe in, the stories shine brightest, and the media speaks for itself in quality and authenticity.

what we do

Everything we do, we do with an energy that is clear to our collaborators and clients. These same clients tell us that we are fun and easy to work with - this is because we believe in relationships. On and off screen, good relationships make for better stories. 

The nuts and bolts of what we do spans the production spectrum. In fact we like it best when we get to be as creative as possible from the very beginning. Concept creation and development to scriptwriting to studio ad field production, all the way to post production, music composition and animated graphics. 

We love to create. We love to collaborate. We love to challenge ourselves.


The team

Together, WTYSL consists of award-winning cinematographers, drone pilots, underwater photographers, scriptwriters, live-stream experts, positive storytelling advocates, 360/VR camera operators, regionally specialised producers, and of course, all are passionate about the ethical implications of what we produce.

Every member of our team is capable of working as a producer, director of photography, sound technician and editor. Over the years, each of us has found a home in a collective that values people and our planet.

our projects

Where they've taken us